Sponsorship and Donations

Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) is a community of educators organized and funded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch since 2006. The aim of the network is to provide professional development courses for educators and students around the world.

The free courses take place on Moodle for Teachers (M4T) and the paid courses take place on IT4ALL. M4T includes online courses on how to Moodle and teach online using active learning methods and hosts Moodle MOOCs, online conferences, and webinars. Participants and presenters are awarded badges and certificates for their work. M4T provides free certificates of completion, participation, presentation, and facilitation for participants, presenters, and facilitators who volunteer their time. The team of facilitators and technology developers at IT4ALL provide educators with the skills and knowledge to improve instruction and learning by following teaching as a way to learn methodology.

You are invited to donate and sponsor IT4ALL and M4T. Sponsors, who give $100 and more, will get their names and/or companies added to the wall of contributors and hyperlinked, so they point to their business or personal site. Donors who give less than $100 will have their personal names up on the wall, if they wish. We appreciate your help. 

Donations are welcome.

Thank you.
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