You'll get information about the site and a demo course for teachers to try out the features (resources, activities, blocks) available in each of the courses. 

Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) is a professional development network that caters to educators, students, administrators, and IT leaders. 

Learn how to Register and Enrol in Courses on IT4ALL

Free video tutorials on how design, develop, and teach your very own online course with Moodle. 

You can try out the features available in a Moodle course in this free online demo course for teachers with teacher rights:

Teachers can try out the system and learn about the features (resources, activities, block) available in each of the courses on Integrating Technology Moodle site so they can rent space to teach and charge money, if they wish, for their own online courses. Click on the following link to receive training and to get your own online course set up: